Meet the Board Members of Uniquely Nico!

Team members

Everyone knows that sometimes it takes a village to make sure that everything goes as planned. This is our wonderful village.

Bob & Becca

Co-founders and President

Rebecca Shellito and her husband Bob founded Uniquely Nico in 2019 to connect resource and help other families with special needs feel less alone. She has worked in healthcare in northwest Indiana for nearly 30 yrs. She's always found herself advocating as a nurse, for those who need a stronger voice and helping hand. This has been especially true since her son Nico was diagnosed with Autism. Once nonverbal, Nico is now a social butterfly in 5th grade. Rebecca has learned many valuable lessons through the years and wants to empower other families to be a strong voice for their child.

Heather Sandilla

Job title or function

Hi my name is Heather Sandilla, I am a wife, mom, and nurse. I am excited and honored to be joining the Uniquely Nico board of directors. I have seen Uniquely Nico develop from the ground up and I am looking forward to be becoming a deeper part of it. As a nurse for the past 20 years I love helping people and being an advocate for patients. My 12-year-old twin boys have enjoyed being part of many of the Uniquely Nico community events. In these times that we are living in I feel that it is so important to have all the support available and I love that Uniquely Nico is facilitating just that. Knowing that you are surrounding yourself with people that care and are wanting to build something more is a wonderful feeling. I look forward to this journey and growing with this amazing organization..

Emily Spencer


My name is Emily Spencer, and I am a local Special Education teacher. Throughout my journey in the education field, I have observed a lack of support services for the families I work with in the area. Collaborating with Uniquely Nico has provided me with the opportunity to meet new people and establish meaningful connections that deeply resonate with me. Witnessing the community grow around this organization has been a privilege, and I eagerly anticipate to see where it goes from here!